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Featured Designer: Jordan French

We are extremely proud of the designers on our team, so we will be featuring different Blue Clover designer each month. This month’s featured designer is Jordan French, who leads our User Centered Design.  Jordan sat down with us and shared a little about his journey in design and discussed some personal thoughts on the field.

Q:  Why did you choose to get into design?

Jordan:  When I was a kid I was always interested in how things worked.  My dad was an engineer so that’s what I thought I wanted to do.  I was also really into art and drawing growing up.  In high school I took a bunch of art classes and AutoCAD drafting classes since the two rooms were connected.  I loved going to those classes because I always had a fun project I was looking forward to work on.  Industrial design was the perfect way to combine my interests and build a career out of it.

Q:  Was design something you were always interested in growing up? What else did you enjoy learning about in school?

Jordan:  I was more interested in drawing and art growing up but I don’t think I knew what “design” really was until high school.  Design pretty much dominated my college experience but I did take some furniture design classes which deviated a bit from the traditional industrial design classes.  I really enjoyed learning about how to design and build with various materials and still love to make furniture today.

Q:  What does good design mean to you?

Jordan:  To me, good design consists of some or all of a variety of components.  It’s something that solves a real meaningful problem, fits perfectly within its parameters, it’s appropriate for its purpose, it’s finest details are carefully considered, it evokes delight, it’s timeless, useful, consistent, and of course beautiful.

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