Introducing Blue Clover Studios

We have been working hard this year to introduce a new and improved studio for our clients. And, finally it’s time. As of November 1, 2014, our group is now known as Blue Clover Studios. So, you may ask “what’s different?” Well, we’ve decided to keep the things that made us great, introduce some new things to make us better, and mix them together to create a one-of-a-kind studio.

Here’s what stayed – our “Oldies but goodies”

  • State-of-the-art model shop – we’ve got some of the best equipment out there to create realistic comps that our clients can use to bring their ideas to life
  • Team – our Industrial Design team has not changed, but we’ll be adding some new faces soon
  • Location – our headquarters is in Evansville, IN but now we’ve added the beginning of a satellite studio in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Our five-step methodology – we’re sticking to the basics here

And here’s what’s new

  • Enhanced experience – we’re focusing on the experience our clients have while working with us to ensure that everyone – our designers and our customers – reach their creative peaks and explore all opportunities … more to come here
  • More focused – we’re more focused than ever on designing creative but functional packaging
  • Front-end research – we’re getting to know the consumers better than ever through front-end research before design begins
  • Out on our own – yes, we’re still affiliated with Berry Plastics and we’re excited about that but a bit of separation has been good for us too as we’ve been able to explore more “blue sky” designs

We are ready to share these exciting changes with our current and future clients. Hope you all Enjoy!

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