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We wanted to give a peek into our world, a.k.a. ‘the studio,’ to our web visitors. Blue Clover has a pretty cool place to work – especially when you’re a designer. Sure, we’ve got the cork boards, sketch pads and markers of every color but we’ve got some other stuff that no studio has. Check out these photos of our Usability Lab – it’s literally across the hall from our studio. We have a house, garage, grocery, even a salon.

Sure these rooms are cool, but they actually work, which is great when designing for the everyday consumer. We can get into the mind of consumers because we can actually watch them use products.



Another great part about our studio is the model shop. We’ve got a whole slew of machines to make realistic prototypes. Our model shop can mimic nearly any package in a matter of hours with 3D printers, SLA equipment, CNC, Laser cutting, vacuum formers and more. The model shop really takes on its own kind of art through creating such realistic models.



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