Technology and Packaging

With the introduction of products like Amazon Dash, and the idea of products being delivered via drones, we are anticipating some changes in the packaging world.  The traditional Sunday afternoon grocery store run might be replaced by the push of a button for some consumers.  As technology for shoppers is ever-changing, packaging must also be as agile.

Let’s consider the following when designing packaging:

  • WHERE are consumers shopping for products? Online or in-store?
  • HOW are products brought to the home – personal delivery, shipped, or from the brick and mortar store?
  • WHO is our consumer? Yes, this seems obvious, but still relevant.

Though these changes in technology present a challenge for consumer goods companies, it’s an exciting movement for designers.  The focus for many packaging designers is to design for the shelf and home use, though the online ordering experience is as important as ever.  It is critical to think big when designing for today’s packaging, as the sky is the limit.

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