Our trip to Pack Expo

We’re back from several days at Pack Expo in Chicago.  For those that don’t know, Pack Expo is the biggest packaging show of the year and it was great to check out some new innovations in the industry.  The best part of the show was being able to launch Blue Clover Studios!  We had a great set-up on display – we packed up one of our 3D printers and sent up several designers.  Basically, we brought a taste of Blue Clover to Chicago.



It was pretty cool to wander around Chicago during our off time –  truly inspiring.  The city is full of so much great design and inspiration was all around us.  On our tour of Chicago, we stopped through Millenium Park to witness the massive “Bean” structure.  We were in awe of this object, but not with its large size or unique organic form, but rather with one small detail….its surface finish.  Its reflective finish allowed us to see a view of the city from inside out.  The placement and surface finish of this structure is what made it so unique and a creative success.  This goes to show that every aspect of a design needs to be considered….form (of the packaging structure), finish (material type & decorating), & placement (on the retail shelf).

We’ve come back to the studio inspired and refreshed – ready to get back to work on some cool, new designs.

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