Make Recycling Fun!

There are so many factors that affect the way people recycle, and when they do it.

Doreen Schreiber, a recycling specialist from Clevland Ohio, recently gave a virtual presentation on recycling where she stated

“The psychology of recycling – it plays a big role in how we recycle and whether or not we’re doing it. Once you understand the behavior surrounding recycling, you could make it easier and more plausible for people to recycle.” How can we help influence positive behavior in the next generation of recyclers?

One way we can influence recycling in our communities is to make sure kids know what is locally recyclable and that recycling can be fun! Above you can see our take on one way we could encourage kids to enjoy recycling. Meet “Recyclasarus!”

These are four dinosaurs that embody what it means to have fun and make the world a better place. Each dino has a specific purpose consuming the raw materials that we all hope will get reused into new products.

The shapes of the dino’s mouth help to teach kids what they should be putting into the recycling bin, and what they shouldn’t. Every time something is placed in their mouth the Recyclasarus gives positive feedback that encourages the kids to keep up the good work, and how together we can make the world a better place. Adding this layer of recycling fun can encourage others watching to think about recycling and to engage in recycling in the future.

This is just one way that we could all “feed” the circular economy together and make sure that we can source recycled material.

Blue Clover Studios is Berry Global’s internal design studio.