User-Experience: The Core of Innovation


We live in an ever-changing world.  Global markets are emerging, demographics are shifting, consumer expectations are rising, and innovation is happening all around us.  It begs the question – how do we keep up with all this change?  The answer – think like a designer.  Design is a vehicle for change with endless iteration because at its core you’ll find the driver of all that change – the user.  Designers track trends, observe behavior, empathize, glean insight, solve problems, and iterate.  Thinking like a designer puts the user at the forefront, rendering all that change into systematic opportunity.

There is optimism in design because it offers plans, ideas, solutions, and a view of future outcomes.  Designers see opportunity and potential in a situation or idea without being limited by constraints.  This open-mindedness helps researchers and designers uncover insights and explore new possibilities.  While the right mindset is an important component, there are three factors which must be combined in the perfect storm to leverage design thinking toward innovation.

The key to successful innovation lies in the interaction between business, technology, and human behavior considerations.  This interaction happens to be where design takes place.  It takes all three factors coming together to employ design thinking to truly spark innovation.  Otherwise you end up with copy-cat manufacturing, pipe dreams, and snappy non-sellers.

Innovation doesn’t just happen instantaneously with a sudden flash of a great idea.  It takes careful observation and understanding of behavior motivations.  It also takes rigorous design iteration with a concentrated focus on usability with respect to attained insight and understanding.  Align this activity with strategic business objectives and appropriate manufacturing technologies and you’ll find yourself set up for a powerful consumer demand for your product.

-Jordan French