A good packaging design is the collective combination of structural form, function, imagery, and typography used to protect a product, attract consumers, and provide a positive sustainable experience.

With so many options on the shelves, our approach connects product protection and user emotion in sustainable and innovative ways.


In this guide you will learn:

  • Considerations when designing for sustainability
  • Innovation through function
  • The significance of form


Considerations when designing for sustainability

When designing for sustainability there are a few key things to keep in mind:

  • Single source resins in multi-component packaging allows product to easily enter the recycling stream
  • Lightweighting to reduce material use, while maintaining structural integrity
  • Nest-able and non-round packaging to optimize box/pallet/truck pack out, resulting in less carbon emissions
  • PCR (Post Consumer Resin) will have an effect on packaging design elements such as hinges, opening/closing tabs, child resistant features, tamper evidence, and color matching


Innovation through function

We design packaging in innovative ways through function by delivering on uniqueness. Using functional design features, we can develop how a product is dispensed. We consider how it’s dispensed by a universal set of consumers so that a positive user experience is achieved by people  of all abilities.

Factors may include:

  • Intuitive Use
  • Cognitive abilities
  • Ambidextrous dispensing
  • One hand opening/closing
  • Consideration of users living with one or more disability
  • Packaging ergonomics for secure handling in its respective environment
  • Child-resistant, Senior- friendly
  • Tamper Evident


The significance of form

Packaging innovation through form should be beautiful, alluring, and engaging. Think in terms of 20/10/5 feet consumer and retail shelf engagement points. At 20 feet the packaging form (or silhouette) and color initially attracts a consumer to your product. As your packaging form draws in the consumer, it’s the internal design elements that further attract at 10 feet. Finally at 5 feet your form and elements are so alluring the consumer wants to fully engage and immerse themselves with your brand, they pick up the package for full examination. It is at that point you have emotionally connected with your consumer.


Final thoughts­­

Packaging design connects all of the elements needed to attract a consumer to your brand. When you are designing your brand’s packaging, keep in mind the importance of sustainability, function, and form.

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-Scott Fisher